: the act of deciding definitely and firmly

A clinic for the treatment of addictions, medication dependencies and chronic pain

A New Approach to addiction and pain



Determinations provides comprehensive care and medical assistance to help you in your battle against whatever addiction you fight.  With medication assisted treatment and personalized treatment plans we will strive to help you succeed.



Non-Opioid pain management centered on allowing you to live your life.  We focus on not just pushing pills, but treating the cause of your pain and giving you treatment and tools to help you overcome. We treat joint pain, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, chronic migraines, and other chronic pain conditions. 

Addiction, Pain, integrated care


Determinations is not a pill mill. You are more than a symptom or diagnosis and you deserve medical providers that are able to look at the whole picture. For us that's what integrated care means, it means treating every patient as a WHOLE person.  No one is defined by their addiction, their pain or their medical problems. And yet, the normal medical model for health care is to only treat the problem not the person. As a patient, we will focus on your entire well-being and strive to remove your medical barriers and  help you achieve your goals.



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